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Change Domain Password

If this feature has been enabled in the Application Parameters session by your JustWare Administrator, you can change your password. See "Managing Your Password through JustWare" for more information.

Changing Your Password from the Toolbar

There are instances where you may decide to change your password manually without a pop-up notification open. For example, you may have been prompted recently to change your password and decided to wait to change it, or you may suspect that your password has been compromised.

  1. The Change Password dialog box opens.

    Note: The Username field is read-only.

  2. In the Current Password field, type the password you have been using to log on to JustWare.

  3. In the New Password field, type the password you would like to use.
  4. In the Verify New Password field, retype the same password you used in the New Password field.
  5. If you would like to proceed with changing your password, click the OK button.

    If you do not receive an error message, then your password has been changed successfully. The password you submitted is effective immediately.

Note: You can wait to change your password by clicking Cancel. The dialog box will close and you can continue to use JustWare.

Important: If you change your password through JustWare, it will also change the password you use for the domain on which JustWare is hosted.