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Correspondence Type Code Table

This code table populates drop-down lists that can be found in the designated snap-ins of the following session types:

Session Snap-In List
Case Correspondence | Case Correspondence Type
Name Correspondence | Name Correspondence Type

Finding the Correspondence Type Code Table

  1. In the Administrative Tools group of the Explorer toolbar, click System Administration.
  2. Follow one of the following paths to open the code table:
    • Select Code Tables | Cases | Correspondence. The Correspondence Type code table will be displayed in the Type snap-in.
    • Select Code Tables | Names | Correspondence. The Correspondence Type code table will be displayed in the Type snap-in.

Tip: To access this code table by navigating through the Code Tables link in the Administrative Tools group, rather than the System Administration link in the same group, click ctblEventSuperType. This will provide all event types, including correspondences, events, sentences, and cases.

Creating Correspondence Type Codes

  1. Add a new record.
  2. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.
    • Code: Type a brief, unique code used to reference the corresponding item description.
    • Description: Type a description that the user will view in the lists populated by this code table.
    • Type:Select the correct code from among the following options:
      • 0---Other
      • 3---Correspondence Email: Tip:If an email correspondence type is selected, and an email client is specified in the Menu Toolbar, and there is an email address in JustWare for one or more correspondence involved people, then a correspondence email is launched in the specified email client after the session is saved. Caution:If you save and close, as opposed to just saving, a correspondence email will not be launched in the specified email client. The email client is set in the Menu Toolbar: Tools | Settings | Send Email Using. Note:When setting up an email correspondence, you can specify the active date of the email address. When an email correspondence record is saved, each email address marked as active for case involved people will be sent an email message. If an involved person has multiple email addresses and none of them are marked as active, the email message will be sent to the most recently added email address.
    • Notes: Type any related notes in this free-text field.
    • Activation Date: Type or select the date from which the code will be in use.
    • Expiration Date: Type or select the date upon which the code will become inactive.
  3. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)