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The Name Session is the JustWare session for working with name records. A name record contains information applicable to a person's name, a business, or an agency. Generally, the information in a name record is not applicable to any specific case on which the person is involved. A name record does contain a list of case involvements, listing how they are involved and including a hyperlink to each case record.

Eliminating Redundant Data Entry

In a paper-based case management system, a large amount of staff members' time is spent recording redundant information. For example, if an attorney is involved in a number of cases, the attorney's relevant personal information (such as name, office address, etc.) must be filled out for each case record. The same is true of many case management systems, which force users to enter data everywhere it will be referenced. This redundant data entry is problematic for an organization because it is:

  • Inefficient. Resources must be allocated to data entry rather than on the organization's core mission.
  • Unreliable. The greater the number of times data is duplicated, the greater the risk that a mistake will be made.
  • Costly. Hiring or reallocating staff to handle data entry deprives an organization of resources that could be dedicated to its core mission. Data entry errors can prove extremely expensive as well.

JustWare, however, takes a very different approach to managing case information. JustWare is built on a relational database, meaning that relationships can be created between data records. For example, when a name record is created for an individual, it can be linked to whatever cases that person is involved in. This strategy of linking data together allows users to enter data once and reuse it an infinite number of times.

JustWare lets you reuse information that has been saved in the database. For example, information about an individual could be linked to every case that they are involved in.

Searching for a Name Record

Before creating a new name record, it is important to search for the name first to ensure it does not already exist. This step minimizes the problems created by having multiple name records for the same individual.

Name records matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.

If a name record is returned in the results of your search and the name is also involved in a case record that is returned in the results of your search, the case record will be indented under the name record.

If you click the blue name title hyperlink, the name record opens in the default view set for that Name Type in the Default View Settings. You can also right click on the name record to choose a different view in which to open the name record.

In the name session, verify that the name record is the one you searched for.

Looking Up a Name Record Using a Barcode Scanner

JustWare's barcoding system is useful for looking up names and cases. When each name/case summary report is generated in JustWare, a unique barcode is assigned to the report. This barcode appears in the top right corner of the report. If a barcode does not appear at the top of your reports, contact your JustWare Administrator to change this setting in the Application Parameters session.

This barcode can be used to automatically pull up the associated name/case session in JustWare. For example, if you were holding a printed case report and wanted to view it in JustWare, you could scan the case's barcode, and the corresponding case session would open in JustWare.

When a barcode is scanned and a name/case session is pulled up, the session will appear in the default view you have set for that particular case/name session. For example, if your default view is set to Notes, the case/name will open in Notes view. If you scan a barcode while a required field is selected, nothing will happen until you enter the required information or cancel the edit. (Required fields are indicated by an asterisk.)

Note: The name/case session will not automatically appear if you are in the Location Assignment session. If you scan the barcode while in the Location Assignment session, the information will populate the fields in the snap-ins rather than bringing up the name/case session. See Location Assignment for more information.

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