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Finding Barcodes

Before you can check out an item to a user or location, you will need the barcode. You can find a user's barcode using either of the following ways:

  • Using the Barcode Masterlist:

    1. Select System Reports from the Utilities group.
    2. Select Barcode Masterlist Case and Exhibit Owners from the list of system reports. A report is generated containing a list of all users authorized to own case files/exhibits and their barcodes.
  • Finding the user's name record:

    1. Search for the name in the Name Quick Search, Name Search, or the Quick Search bar.
    2. Once you find the user's name record, enter Name view. A report is generated with the user's barcode in the top right corner.

Assigning a Location for a Case/Exhibit (Barcode Scanner)

Caution: You must enable full ASCII characters on your scanner before attempting to scan barcodes. Contact your barcode scanner vendor with any questions regarding your barcode scanner.

  1. In the Utilities group of the Explorer Toolbar, click Location Assignment.

    Tip: Alternatively, you may use a barcode scanner to open the Location Assignment feature. A barcode for opening the Location Assignment feature is available on the Barcode Masterlist Case and Exhibit Owners System Report.

  2. Scan the barcode associated with the name record taking physical possession of the case/exhibit for a period of time or the barcode of the physical location where the case/exhibit will be physically located.

  3. Scan the barcode of the case and/or exhibit. Rows will automatically be added to the Case and Exhibit snap-ins.

    Note: For a case record, you may edit text in the Notes field.

  4. Save the session. The information in the Location, Case, and Exhibit snap-ins is cleared from the screen.

    Location assignment information for cases is updated in the Physical Location and Case Involvement snap-ins of the corresponding case and name sessions.

    Location assignment information for exhibits is updated in the Exhibit snap-in of the corresponding case sessions.

    Tip: If you scan a barcode while the Location Assignment screen is not open, JustWare will automatically open the name/case session associated with the barcode. For example, if you scan an exhibit's barcode before opening the Location Assignment session, the case session associated with that exhibit will open.