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Tracking User Logons/Logoffs

You can monitor when and how users are accessing JustWare with the User Access Logging system report. This can provide answers to administrative questions you or your organization may have about user access.

Turn on User Access Logging

To view information about user access of JustWare, you must turn on user access logging for JustWare, which is turned off by default.

  1. In the Admin landing page, navigate to General Configuration | Application Parameters.
  2. In the "Log User Access" field, select True.
  3. Save the session.

View the User Access Logging Report

  1. Open the Reports landing page.
  2. In the System folder, click User Access Logging. The User Access Logging system report opens.
  3. Use the area at the top of the screen to set the report parameters.



    Start Date/Time; End Date/Time

    Specify a date range for the report to display.

    Full Name

    Select the names of the users that you want to appear on the report.


    Select Logon, Logoff, or both (Select All) to specify which types of user access to view.


    Select Success or Failed to view only successful/failed logons, or All to view both.

    IP Address

    Select the IP Addresses of the workstations you want to view on the report.

    User Name

    Select the user names of the users you want to appear on the report.

    Logging Notes

    Select the kinds of notes you want to be displayed on the report.

    Limit Rows Returned

    Enter the maximum number of entries you want to appear on the report.

    Group By

    Select a parameter to sort the report results by. You can also adjust this in the report itself by clicking the arrow next to the column heading to sort by.

  4. Click View Report. The requested report data is displayed.