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Request Queue

The Request Queue is where your organization will approve or reject JusticeWeb account requests. It will be important to designate a user to manage the queue. Managing the queue will keep the approval process moving, allowing more accounts to be created.

After a user submits a request to JusticeWeb, a row will be added in the Request Queue that contains the information that the user filled in. Use this information to determine whether or not you will accept or reject their account request.

The Request Queue is located in the JusticeWeb System Adminstration.

Each request row contains the following fields:

Field Description
Request Type Displays the type of request that the user submitted. For example, [New Account].
Status Displays the status of the request. This field will be used when managing the Request Queue. For instructions on how to do this, see Managing the Queue.
Name Displays the name record that is assigned to this request. New requests may not have a name record and will need to be assigned one.
Case Title Displays the case title for the case that is associated with this request. For example, requests can be made on a case level, such as adding a new involved person or removing an involved person.
Payload Displays the user's information that was entered in the Request form.
Approval Event Displays the event that will be created when this request is made.
Approval Event Status Specifies the status for the Approval Event when it is created.
Payment Amount On a Payment Request, this field will display the amount for the payment.
Collecting Agency On a Payment Request, this field will display the Collecting Agency for which the payment was made.