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Document Generation

In the filing cabinet you can generate a document from a JDA template that has been previously created.

The document will be generated with the data from the session you are in. For example if you use are in a case the document generation will use That case's data to fill in the document template.

i.e.: If we use the case from the above screen shot case number 17-22 will be used to fill all of the case id fill points.

To begin the process of generating a document click the Generate Doc button in the top of the file cabinet snap-in.

This will pop the Generate JDA Document dialog.

The dialog contains a drop down that will have a list of available templates to generate from. Select a template then click the add button to add the document to the filing cabinet. After beginning the add process the if the document contains additional inputs for dialogs those will then pop up and need to be filled out, otherwise there might be some missing data in the generated doucument.

Once the document is added to filing cabinet save the session so that the document will then be generated. You can save the session by clicking save button in the top left of the session.

The Generate JDA dialog also contains a note to remind you that it is important to save your session once the new document added the session. Once the session the document will be generated.