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Name/Case Lookup

Several JustWare tasks include a name or case lookup requiring you to perform a search to locate a name or case that is inserted into a specific snap-in field. A JustWare snap-in field that includes a name or case lookup option displays a search icon to the right.

To perform a name or case lookup:

  1. Type search criteria in the snap-in field.
  2. Press Enter or click the search button. Records matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.
  3. Click the hyperlink of the appropriate record.

The name or case is inserted into the snap-in field as a hyperlink.

Tip: If the correct name or case does not appear in the results of the name or case lookup, you can add a new record to associate by clicking New Name or New Case from the Actions group. Depending on your Default View Settings, either the new name/case record will open in the default name/case type view, or you will be prompted to select a Name/Case Type to use in the creation of the new name/case record.