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Sessions are windows that contain certain types of information or tools. For example, name sessions contain information relevant to particular individuals, while case sessions contain information regarding different cases.

JustWare has a tabbed format, much like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Each time a new session is opened, a tab is added to the top of the screen, allowing users to switch back and forth between sessions. You can quickly tell which kind of sessions you have open by the icon displayed in each session tab.

Note: If you have multiple sessions open for the same case or name record, changes made in one session will not be updated in the other open sessions until the changes have been saved and the other open sessions have been refreshed. The Refresh Session button is located at the top of most sessions or triggered with the F5 key.

Some of the basic JustWare sessions include:

Session Type Description
My JustWare My JustWare sessions act as hubs of information that aid users in efficiently managing their workflows.
Name Session Contains information regarding individuals such as name, gender, physical characteristics, case involvements, etc.
Case Session Contains information regarding cases such as case-involved people, events, tasks, etc.
Search Session Displays hyperlinked search results.