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JustWare is capable of providing the user with multiple notifications and warnings. Some of these notifications will appear at the top of the session, while others will appear as pop-up reminders or highlighted text and backgrounds.

Note: Notification colors can be specified in Settings | Color Preferences.

  • Duplicate Number Detection: When a duplicate number is detected, JustWare will change the color of the background and text of the number field to the colors selected in Color Preferences. The duplicate number will also be hyperlinked, allowing you to click on the number to see the proposed match. On a name record, a duplicate number will only be matched if it has the same number Master Code. On a case record, a duplicate number will only be a match if the agency is the same on both numbers.
  • Juvenile Notification: When a name record is identified as being juvenile (as defined by your JustWare Administrator) the Notification Bar will appear and alert the user. The notification is triggered by the adult age setting in System Administration | Code Tables | Application Parameters. Additionally, when working in a case, the Case Involved People field will be highlighted in the color selected in Color Preferences when a name is detected as being a juvenile. This includes highlights in reports, such as case summary.

Notification Bar

The Notification Bar, which appears when a notification is issued, will appear below the Session Header at the top of your JustWare Workspace.