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Barcoding Location Assignments

JustWare's barcoding system allows you to easily look up a name/case by scanning the barcode on a report. When you scan a report's barcode, the name/case record associated with that barcode automatically opens in a name/case session of JustWare.

JustWare's barcoding system helps you easily record the location of all cases and exhibits. Barcodes can be associated with people, locations, exhibits and cases. Rather than entering information manually when assigning locations for cases and/or exhibits, you can either scan the barcode of the name record taking physical possession of the case/exhibit for a period of time or you can scan the barcode of the location where the case/exhibit will be physically located. Then, you can scan the barcodes of the cases and/or exhibits.

Scanning a barcode will automatically populate the required fields in the Case/Exhibit snap-ins while you are in the Location Assignment session. For example, if you are assigning a case to the physical location of filing cabinet 203, you would first scan the barcode of filing cabinet 203 and then the case's barcode. The information for the case and filing cabinet 203 would then automatically populate the required fields in the Case/Exhibit snap-ins.

Note: If a barcode is scanned with a scanner using a RS232 or HID interface and JustWare is open but not currently active, JustWare will become the active program. If JustWare had been minimized, it will be restored to full size.