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Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick navigation to a specific snap-in is available using the following shortcuts.

Tip: Snap-in shortcuts only work if the active session and view contain the called snap-in.

Shortcut Snap-In Session
F3 Name Edit Dialog\
Case Information
F4 Attributes Name/Case
F6 Notes Name/Case
F7 Numbers Name
F7 Agencies Case
F8 Case Involved People Case
F9 Events Name/Case
F11 Correspondence Name/Case
F12 Filing Cabinet Name/Case
Shift+F2 Address Name
Shift+F3 Phone Name
Shift+F4 Email Name
Shift+F5 Case Involvements Name
Shift+F6 Secondary Relationships Name
Shift+F7 Financials Name
Shift+F9 Past Events Name
Alt+F1 Bonds Case
Alt+F6 Related Cases Case
Alt+F8 Judgment Case
Alt+F9 Sentence Case
Alt+F10 Credit/Suspend Case
Alt+F11 Condition Case
Alt+F12 Financials Case
Ctrl+F1 Charge Case
Ctrl+F2 Location Case
Ctrl+F3 Charge Attributes Case
Ctrl+F5 Charge Involvements Case
Ctrl+F6 Intoxicants Case
Ctrl+F7 Modify/Enhance Case
Ctrl+F8 Exhibits Case
Ctrl+F9 Charge History Case
Ctrl+F10 Charge Agencies Case
Ctrl+F11 Tasks Name/Case
Ctrl+F12 Non-Collectable Financials Case

Perform actions and navigate JustWare without the mouse using these simple keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut JustWare Action
F1 Open JustWare Help to relevant help topic
F5 Refresh active session
Alt+F4 Exit JustWare
Ctrl+S Save active session
Ctrl+H Jump to home tab
Ctrl+T Jump to the home tab and switch to the default home view if the current view is different.
Close active session
Ctrl+I Create a new record in the current snap-in
Ctrl+Delete Delete current record
Ctrl+F Move to search
Ctrl+G Change view from table/grid to current record view in current snap-in
Ctrl+L Change logon
Ctrl+R Return from a search screen back to the previous screen.
Ctrl+Alt+End Close all sessions and return to home
Shift+Alt+C Go to case search
Shift+Alt+N Go to name search
Shift+Alt+D Go to document search
Shift+F1 Show startup screen
Ctrl+1 Go to Cases navigation section
Ctrl+2 Go to Names navigation section
Ctrl+3 Go to Reports navigation section
Ctrl+4 Go to Tools navigation section
Ctrl+5 Go to Admin navigation section
Ctrl+Page Up Jump to the previous tab
Ctrl+Page Down Jump to the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+C Create new case record
Ctrl+Alt+C Create new case record using the same view and Case Type as the open case record
Ctrl+Shift+E Edit multiple records
Ctrl+Shift+N Create new name record
Ctrl+Shift+S Save and Return or Save and Close
Ctrl+Shift+U Customize active snap-in/group name
Ctrl+Shift+T Re-open the last closed tab and jump to it
Ctrl+Shift+W Copy selected row
Shift+Enter Activate button inside active field (i.e., Notes editor, Name and Statute lookups, Docket selector)
Left Arrow Navigate to an inactive session to the left (if the session tab is highlighted)
Right Arrow Navigate to an inactive session to the right (if the session tab is highlighted)
Ctrl+Tab Navigate through the snap-ins that are currently in focus in the active session
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Navigate backwards through the snap-ins that are currently in focus in the active session
Tab Navigate forward within a snap-in
Shift+Tab Navigate backward within a snap-in
Alt+Down Arrow View drop-down menu
Esc Cancel changes and revert to saved record

Perform actions unique to the new filing cabinet.

Shortcut JustWare New Filing Cabinet
Ctrl+I Generates a new JDA document.
Ctrl+I (Document Involved Persons tab) Add a new document involved person.
Ctrl+Shift+I Adds a new file from the file system.
Ctrl+Shift+F Adds a new folder.
Ctrl+E Email
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Q Scan
Ctrl+Shift+Q Quick Scan
Ctrl+Shift+P Navigate to the Preview Pane.
Ctrl+Shift+R Navigate to the Properties Pane.
Ctrl+L Navigate to the Involvements Pane.