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Involvement Security

Involvement Security, accessed by going to the Data Partitioning section in System Administration, works in conjunction with Security Profile Partitioning. Involvement Security is used to grant users access to cases they are involved on that they would normally be partitioned out of. For example, a user may be involved on a case as an internal prosecutor. By granting the Internal Prosecutor Involvement Security rights, that user would still be able to access that case even if normal security rules prohibit users from accessing those types of cases.

Granting Involvement Security Rights

When going to the Involvement Security snap-in, you will see a list of all the involvement types in your implementation of JustWare. New involvements cannot be added from this area. To grant an Involvement Type access to cases that they are involved on, select the Grant Case Visibility for that Involvement Type.

Note: Involvement Security rights will only give the user the ability to access cases. It does not overwrite other basic Data Partitioning that restricts users from seeing certain pieces of case data.

Involvement Security and Sealing

A sealed case will not be visible to a user involved on it unless that user also has permission to see sealed cases.