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Data Partitioning

Data Partitioning allows a JustWare administrator to control access to case and name information based on security profile or agency. This is particularly helpful in situations where many different individuals at different levels all share the same database and even the same records in JustWare, but where it is not appropriate for some of those individuals or agencies to have access to certain records. While security roles enforced at the database level and security profiles enforced at the Web service and Smart Client levels restrict a user or group from access to an entire database field, data partitioning restricts a user or group from specific rows within a database field. For example, a specific group can be restricted from viewing cases with a specific case type or a specific case status. In this way, specific information can be more efficiently secured. You can set up partitioning based on Security Profile to control data partitioning access based on security profile. You can set up Agency Partitioning to control data partitioning access based on agency.

Tip: To access Data Partitioning by going to Admin (in the top bar) -> General Configuration (in the side bar) -> Code Tables -> Data Partitioning or going to Admin (in the top bar) -> Account Management (in the side bar) -> Data Partitioning.