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Case Involvements

Each name session in JustWare includes a very convenient reference list of cases in which the name record is involved. This list is marked Read-Only, meaning it cannot be edited from a name session. Once a name has been successfully added to the list of Case Involved People in a case session, that case will appear in the list of Case Involvements for the corresponding name session. Each name record can be involved on multiple cases.

Having just one name record, which can then be involved on multiple cases, helps organize the database in the most efficient way possible.

The Case Involvements snap-in will list all involved cases with some key information for each. Each row in the list will have the case title, which is hyperlinked to provide quick access to the case.

Information appearing under Case Involvements from the corresponding case session includes the following:

Field Description
Case Title This title will appear as a hyperlink that, if activated, will open the corresponding case session in a new tab. For cases that have been sealed, the case title will be highlighted with the sealed notification color. This will only appear for users that can see sealed cases.
Involvement This field lists the involvement type of the person.
Court Number This field displays the court number that is associated with this case.
Local ID This field displays a local ID that is defined by your organization. Your organization may or may not use this field, contact your JustWare Administrator to learn more about this field.
Case Status This field displays the status of the case.
Case Type This field displays the case type of the case.
Received Date This field displays the date this person was listed as Active on the case in the corresponding case session.
Notify This field indicates whether this person has been selected to receive notifications in the corresponding case session.
Physical Location Displays the most recent location of the associated case file.

Finding a Case Involvement Record

  1. Click the Case Involvements snap-in in any open name session.
  2. Locate the case session in the list.
  3. Click the blue hyperlinked text in the Case Title field or press Enter in the field. The name or case will open in a new session.

    Note: A restricted case may appear in the Case Involvements snap-in but cannot be opened.