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Time Tracking Status Table

This code table populates drop-down lists that can be found in the designated snap-ins of the following session types:

Session Snap-In List
My JustWare Time Tracking Status
System Administration Tools Post Time Tracking

Time tracking status lets JustWare know which step in the time tracking workflow a specific time tracking record is so that the record is displayed in the appropriate snap-in for the appropriate person. Additionally, time tracking status allows agencies to create a step-by-step time tracking process for their office.

Finding the Time Tracking Status Code Table

  1. Open the Admin landing page.
  2. Navigate to Cases > Time Tracking.

    The Time Tracking Status code table is displayed in the Time Tracking Status snap-in.

Tip: To access this code table through the Code Tables master list in the General Configuration group, click ctblTimeTrackingStatus.

Creating Time Tracking Status Codes

  1. Add a new record.
  2. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.

    • Code: Type a brief, unique code used to reference the corresponding item description.
    • Description: Type a description that the user will view in the lists populated by this code table.
    • Master Code: Select one of the following master codes from the list:

      • Pending: Tracked time defaults to a status of "Pending." A time tracking record with a status of master code of "Pending" appears in the user's My JustWare Time Tracking and/or My JustWare Agency Time Tracking session(s).
      • Submitted: Users submit their tracked time by changing the status to "Submitted." A time tracking record with a status master code of "Submitted" time appears in the Post Time Tracking administrative tool for review.
      • Posted: After review, a System Administrator changes the status of tracked time to "Posted." A time tracking record with a status master code of "posted," does not appear in any JustWare session and the tracked time can no longer be edited. A time tracking record with a status master code of "Posted" is used for reporting purposes only.

      Note: Multiple codes can be created with the same master code. For example, a code of "Pending Completion" can be created as the default status for new time tracking records. After completion, users change the status to "Submitted." After submission, an administrator reviews the time tracking record. If there are corrections/updates the user needs to make, the administrator can change the status to "Pending Update" to send back to the user. The user, upon seeing a record with a status of "Pending Update," can make the appropriate changes and resubmit the record for review.

      In this example, "Pending Completion" and "Pending Update" both have a master code of "Pending" so the user can see the time tracking record in their My JustWare Time Tracking session.

    • Notes: Type any related notes in this free-text field.

    • Activation Date: Type or select the date from which the code will be in use.
    • Expiration Date: Type or select the date upon which the code will become inactive.
  3. Save the session.