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Pending Payments

The Pending Payments tool enables you to view at a glance all of the outstanding check payments that have not cleared your organization's financial institution. For example, the Payment snap-in of this tool may show all the payments with a Code Type of 0-Check that have not yet been marked as cleared. When the statement from the financial institution is received, you can compare the statement with the payment records listed in the Payment snap-in.

In the Payment snap-in, all of the check payments that have cleared can be set to a Payment Status of Cleared. The Edit Multiple Records button is available from this snap-in to facilitate this process. Setting a Payment Status to Cleared removes the record row from the Payment snap-in in this tool and updates the Payment Status field in the Payment snap-in of the associated name record.

When a payment record is in focus in the Payment snap-in, the read-only Allocation snap-in is refreshed with the corresponding records. The Allocation snap-in in this tool displays the same information as the Allocation snap-in in the Financials snap-in header of the associated name record.