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Joint and Several Obligations

The Joint and Several snap-in allows users to create financial obligations that two or more individuals are responsible for paying. For example, if two individuals vandalize a store, the court might hold them jointly responsible for paying restitution for the damage done without specifying the amount that either one has to pay.

The snap-in enables you to create a joint and several financial obligation, as well as indicate which case involved people are responsible for paying the obligation.

The Primary Involved Persons on one case and a related case can be joint and severally obligated.

Creating Joint And Several Obligations

  1. In any open case session, click Financials in the views dropdown.
  2. Click the Joint And Several snap-in.
  3. Add a new record.
  4. Enter all applicable information in the fields provided.

    Some fields may be required while others are not. Contact your JustWare Administrator to learn which fields are required for your organization.




    Select the type of financial obligation from the list. Note: Other fields in the record may populate when you select a type because administrators can assign field defaults that correspond to specific obligation types.

    Total Amount

    Type the total amount due in dollars.

    Total Amount

    Type the total amount due in dollars.

    Pay By

    Select all of the individuals responsible for paying the obligation. The drop-down list is automatically populated with the Primary Involved Person on the case or on any related case, as denoted in the Related Cases snap-in.

    Pay To

    Select the name or organization that will receive funds paid on the obligation, or type search criteria and click the Search button to perform a name lookup.

    Pay To Account

    Select the account that will receive the collected funds from the list

    Note: Only accounts owned by the individual selected in the Pay To field will be available. However, if you leave the Pay To field blank, you can select any default account associated with the collecting agency.

    Tip: If the Pay To Account field is left blank, JustWare will generate a default account for the individual selected in the Pay To field.

    Due Date

    Type the date the amount is due or select the due date from the drop-down calendar.

    Collecting Agency

    This field is read-only. It will automatically populate with your agency unless there is a default collecting agency associated with the type of financial obligation you selected.

    Note: If the financial obligation being created will be paid to multiple collecting agencies, a separate record will need to be created for each payment. For example, on a particular case, there is a financial obligation of $200 to the collecting agency of the Juvenile Division and a $300 financial obligation to the collecting agency of the Domestic Violence Division. All of the steps listed here would need to be repeated to add the second financial obligation.


    This is a free-text field

    The remaining fields in the record row will be populated after the session is saved.

  5. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)