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JustWare includes convenient Web-style searching options for users. You can search on almost any data field, or combination of data fields, in the database. You can also search the contents of any document stored in a name or case filing cabinet. Search results are listed in order of relevance of name and case information.

In the search bar, in the top right, type what you want to search for and choose what type of information ( Cases, Names, or Documents) you are searching for in the drop down and hit the Enter key. This will bring you to the search page to see the results.

Search Page

In the search page, enter the search criteria into the search bar and chose the Cases, Names, or Documents tab according to what you are searching for. Results will appear below.

Search Tool Description
Case Search Search the JustWare database and filter results by case.
Name Search Search the JustWare database and filter results by name.
Document Search Search for documents using keywords or document title.
Grid Search Reorder and filter statutes results in a grid.
Case and Name Advanced Search Search for cases and names using more refined search parameters. Results will appear in an easy-to-use, expandable/collapsible report view.