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Physical Location

This session enables you to manage an entire physical location unit, such as a building with multiple rooms, from one screen. You can reassign cases to different physical locations, use a log to record and review pertinent notes related to a physical location, check for potential conflicts for a physical location assignment, and review a broad range of data related to a case record.

You can use this session to manage the cases assigned to a physical location unit. Selecting a physical location from the Location Name drop-down list will populate other snap-ins in the session. Selecting a record row in the Unit Cases snap-in will refresh the other snap-ins in the session with the related data.

Reassigning A Case To A Physical Location

Important: The instructions below are only applicable if you have previously assigned a case to a physical location and wish to change its assigned physical location (for example, moving a case from one room to another). See Location Assignment if the case you are working with has not been assigned to a physical location yet.

  1. In the Case Tools group of the Tools tab, click Physical Location.
  2. In the Location Name field drop-down list, select the name of the physical location unit to which the case is currently assigned. This list contains all of the physical location records that have linked name IDs.

    The session will refresh, and the Unit Cases snap-in will automatically populate with the cases currently assigned to that physical location unit. This is a read-only snap-in. Each record row displays the case name, its current assigned location, and its temporary location (if applicable).

  3. Click on the Unit Cases snap-in, and select the record row for the case you would like to move to another physical location. This selection automatically refreshes the other snap-ins in the session with the related data.

  4. Review the Case Physical Location Conflict Check report in the Conflict Check snap-in. This report provides potential conflicts related to the case record, which can assist you in selecting an appropriate physical location assignment for the case. This report can be customized by using one or both of the multi-select parameters:

    • Relationship
    • Case Involvement Type

    After selecting the report parameters, click the View Report button. 5. Click on the Physical Location snap-in. 6. Add a new record.

    A new record appears. This record is used to designate the case's new assigned location.

  5. For each record row, you have the choice of selecting either a name from the Location field or a location from the Physical Location field to track a case's location. Both fields cannot be used in the same record row.

    • Location: Use this field to select a name. For example, select the person who will be taking physical possession of the case for a period of time.
    • Physical Location: Use this field to select a physical location. For example, select the place where the case will be physically located.

    Tip: You may use barcodes from the Barcode Masterlist Case and Exhibit Owners System Report to complete the Location or Physical Location fields. 8. Type any related notes in the free-text Notes field. Note: The remaining fields in the record row are read-only and will be populated automatically after saving. 9. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

    Note: If the maximum capacity of the physical location selected has been reached, you will not be able to save the record row.

    If the case was reassigned to a physical location that is not part of the same hierarchy as the physical location to which it was previously assigned, the case record will be removed from the Unit Cases snap-in of the current session and will appear in the Unit Cases snap-in of the physical location destination. For example, if a case was moved from Building 1 to Building 2, the case record will be removed from the list in the Unit Cases snap-in of Building 1 and will appear in the Unit Cases snap-in of Building 2.