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Case-Specific Requests

A request is an action the JusticeWeb user can take to ask for information or other types of functions in JustWare, for example, a user can request to be added to a case in JustWare. You can make case-specific or generic requests to be used on the JusticeWeb Web site. Creating a request, much like the Account Request, requires several snap-ins. All these snap-ins are in the Request Management section in JusticeWeb System Administration. Each request can consist of several pages which contain fields for the user to input information.

Case-specific requests can be created for purposes such as: requesting discovery or requesting a hearing.

Follow the steps below to create requests that can be used by the JusticeWeb user.

Note: For more detailed information about the snap-ins mentioned below, click on the snap-in name.

  1. Create the appropriate Request Statuses in the Request Status snap-in. These statuses will be used to determine the status of the events created when a JusticeWeb user submits a request.
  2. In the Page Configuration snap-in, create the individual pages that will be used to build your JusticeWeb Requests.
  3. In the Request Type snap-in in the Request Type Configuration snap-in container, create a new Request Type.
  4. With the correct Request Type selected, add new rows in the Page Ordering snap-in to include the pages you created in the Pages snap-in in the request.
  5. (Optional) Using the Permissions snap-in, configure which involvements can access the request.

Before you publish a new request to a live JusticeWeb Web site, it is recommended that it be tested in a test environment to ensure that the request has been configured correctly.