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Case Attributes

Case attributes are additional information related to an entire case, rather than a specific charge (i.e. Complaint, Juvenile at Time of Arrest, Child in Need of Care, Narcotic Registrant, etc.). Users can easily record and quickly reference useful case attribute information, adding ease to the organization and management of a case.

Creating a Case Attribute Record

  1. Click the Attributes snap-in in any open case session.
  2. Add Row.
  3. Set Fields.

    Field Description
    Case Attribute Select the attribute from the list (e.g. "sex offender").
    Value Type the appropriate case attribute value (e.g. "pedophile") in this free-text field.
    Case Attribute Code Select the attribute code from the list that you wish to use as a value for the Attribute. This is useful if you do not want to manually type in a value.
  4. Save the Session.