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Tracking Payment Allocations

The Allocation snap-in is located below the Payment snap-in. The information in this snap-in is updated depending on which record row is in focus in the Payment snap-in and reflects allocations that have been made relative to various payments.

Rows only appear in the Allocation snap-in after a payment has been saved. It is a read-only snap-in; records cannot be edited but may be deleted depending on your permissions and your organization's policies. If a row is deleted for funds that were allocated to escrow and earmarked for a specific case record, the funds are no longer earmarked and are reallocated to an overpay account.

This snap-in helps ensure that a complete and accurate record is kept of financial transactions.

Field Description
Court # If a court number has been entered in JustWare, this read-only field will be automatically populated.
Allocated To The financial obligation or account that a payment was allocated to.
Date Allocated The date that funds were allocated.
Amount The amount of funds that were allocated.
Amount Left To Pay If the funds were allocated to a financial obligation, the amount displayed is the amount still owed (if any) on that obligation.
Receipt Number The receipt number for the payment. Note: Receipts can be viewed by clicking the hyperlink. The Financial Name Summary report has hyperlinks to all receipts that have been generated for the name record.
Payment Schedule If applicable for a payment, this field displays the payment schedule name associated with this allocation.