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Non-Case Payments

The Non-Case Payments tool is used to take payments that are not tied to financial obligations on a case. For example, this tool could be used to take payments for a photocopy fee. Non-Case Payments can be taken without recording payer information, but if needed the payment may be linked to a name record.

Creating a Non-Case Payment Record

  1. Navigate to the Non-Case Payments tool by clicking Accounting Tools | Payments | Non-Case Payments.
  2. In the Non-Case Payment Items snap-in on the left side of the screen, add rows to represent the items that are being sold. For each row, select the correct item from the Item field and specify the quantity. The Price Per Unit is read-only and displays the price that is configured in the Non-Case Payment Items code table. The Subtotal will be calculated depending on the amount entered in the Quantity field.
  3. After all items have been added, use the Payment snap-in on the right side of the screen to process the payment. In the Payment snap-in are several of fields that can be used assist when processing payments:

    Field Description
    Total Due This static label displays the sum of the subtotals of all the items you added to the payment transaction.
    Payment Type Use this drop-down menu to specify which payment type was used for the transaction. After saving a payment, this field will retain the last value to speed up the data entry process.
    Reference Number This field can be used to record check numbers or any other reference number your organization uses to identify transactions.
    Amount Tendered Use this field to specify the amount of money that was tendered. This is particularly useful when taking a cash payment, as this amount will be used to calculate change due. Use the denomination buttons to help when taking multiple bills.
    Change Due This field displays the difference between the Amount Tendered field and the Total Due to provide the amount of change due.
    Name and Notes Use this optional free-text field to type a customer's name or any related notes.
    Link to Name Record If desired, click on this link to have the ability to link this Non-Case Payment record to a name record in JustWare.

    Note: The collecting agency can be changed by using the Collecting Agency drop-down menu in the snap-in toolbar at the top of the Payment snap-in.

  4. Click Save Payment to save the payment. Saving will generate a receipt and refresh the screen allowing you to add a new Non-Case Payment transaction. Past receipts can be viewed from the Payment History snap-in. To learn more about the Payment History snap-in, see Payment History.