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Docket Calendar

The Docket Calendar is found under the Tools tab in the Navigation bar, then under the Docket Tools section in the Left Bar. Docket Management is a function that enables you to create and manage the scheduling of Calendar Dockets. Specific start and end dates, as well as times, can be specified. You can schedule dockets to occur regularly on a weekly or monthly basis. For a weekly schedule, you can choose to have the same docket occur on multiple days of the week. For a monthly schedule, you are able to skip months. For example, you could have a docket occur once every three months. Using Docket Management, you define a specific docket name. Within this docket name, you specify the instance type, such as "arraignment." The capacity is set as to how many events may occur within the specified time period for the docket. For example, you may limit the number of arraignments during the day to 12.